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Wine for the whines.


We know sometimes being a mom can be overwhelming. This mother’s day take a break from the usual parental duties and treat your mind and body to some health reboots with a well-deserved glass of wine for the whines -  we have found some surprising health benefits from enjoying a glass or two of your favourite beverage.

Wine is known for beating the blues, especially after a long and especially stressful day. Research shows that a glass can even reduce the risk of depression by helping you unwind and relax.  

The anti-aging properties in wine can also work to your benefit. Procyanidins, the compounds commonly found in red wine, keep blood vessels healthy and happy and contribute to a longer life span.

wine for the whines

With eyes at the back of their head, a mother needs her eyes to be sharp, and wine can help! The resveratrol in the fruity beverage stops out-of-control blood vessel growth in the eyes. This may help with diabetic retinopathy, as well as age-related macular degeneration.

wine for the whines

Did you know that wine also has phytochemicals that raise good cholesterol, while its antioxidants protect the lining of the coronary arteries? One or two glasses of red a day are the optimal amount to help you see this effect.

For a skin refresher, wine helps neutralise free radicals with the resveratrol found in the drink - that's why we say wine for the whines.  Free radicals are the pesky molecules which attack the skin when left unchecked.

On top of all of this, wine can help regulate your blood sugar levels. The alcohol improves the body’s response to insulin, which regulates blood sugar. And when your blood sugar is under control, your body won’t store as much glucose as fat.

So grab a glass and wave bye-bye to these health issues.

We’ll raise a glass to that.