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Food: The Love Drug.

The Love Drug

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, love and passion – and what better way to show that than through food. Here are a list of Aphrodisiacs to make your special someone feel the love this Valentine’s.

1) Oysters

High in zinc, these aphrodisiacs of the ocean are reputable for stimulating love and fertility.

2) Chilli Peppers

This invigorating spice, bright red and exotic, may easily be considered a symbol of love. Chilli stimulates endorphins – the feel good chemicals found in your brain – that speeds up heart rate, and makes things get a little heated.

3) Avocado

This rich fruit is sensuous and delicious, with an aphrodisiac reputation dating as far back as the Aztecs. High levels of vitamin E maintain a youthful energy level, which ensures the spark is kept burning bright.

4) Chocolate

From the delicate, rich taste of chocolate to it’s luscious aroma, the heavenly treat is known to be sensual. Dark chocolate is especially shown to spike dopamine levels, increasing the feelings of pleasure.

5) Bananas

Phallic shaped, the banana suggests itself to be a feel-good food. They also contain enzymes which triggers testosterone production, while elevating energy levels with their potassium and vitamin B.

6) Honey

Honey is created through the process of pollination, which is a symbol of procreation. Have you heard of the birds and the bees? Honey also contains boron, regulating estrogen and testosterone levels, and providing a natural energy boost.

7) Coffee

The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine, the stimulant that makes the heart pump faster and the blood flow. It’s,also been said that coffee can put women in the mood.

8) Olive Oil

A good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, Olive Oil is a critical source for a healthy heart, the production of hormones and keeps the blood flowing. The Greeks even believed that Olive Oil made men more virile.

9) Strawberries

Strawberries are a delicious vitamin C-packed dessert that keeps the blood flowing in all regions of the body. Best served dipped in chocolate and fed to your lover.

10) Whipped Cream

There may be no evidence that this indulgent dessert topping will increase libido, however there is no denying that it is sure to put you in the mood.

The Love Drug