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Spring at Butcher Block: Get your summer body ready

summer body


Summer is creeping closer with each warmer, brighter morning. Living in South Africa means that summer generally involves a lot of beach time, lazy days at the pool, and outdoor activities. So, how are those shorts sitting on you now? A little tight after the winter hibernation and all-season long snack-down? Don’t worry if you feel like you need to shed a few centimetres, at Butcher Block we have taken the time to make sure there is something on our menu for everyone, even the foodies who need to watch that waistline. Let’s introduce you to the summer body ‘approved’ meal options on our menu.

Starting with starters: Salmon Sashimi

Salmon is a lean protein high in selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids. Butcher Block offers fresh Norwegian salmon, plane or seared with seven spice, toasted sesame seeds, ponzu, sesame oil, pickled ginger & soy as a healthy start to your meal. Get your appetite warmed up the right way!

Prawn and papaya salad

Indulge in a tropical delight! Sweet tooth? Fill up on a healthy prawn and papaya salad! Curb your need for sweet treats with this meal, it is filled with the natural vitamins and minerals that occur in fruit, combined with lean protein, keeping you nourished, and fuller for longer. Expect to enjoy plump prawns, sweet papaya, red onions, and crisp salad greens dressed with a fresh lime & ginger dressing. Give me some summer!

summer body

Beach Salad

What could possibly support a hot, summer body better than a beach salad? The mixture of lively green leaves rich in phytonutrients combined with the lean protein of seafood gives you a salad like no other. Delicious grilled calamari, chicken strips, prawns, red onions & cucumber tossed in a sweet Thai chilli jam served on a bed of crispy spinach dressed with fresh lime wedges & coriander. This salad will satisfy your appetite and respect your waistline. Bring me that beach!

High Steaks

If you love a good steak, incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle. Sirloin cuts are great for individuals on a diet. Request it without basting and opt for a side salad or a baked potato instead of chips. Let your waiter know that you want diet-friendly options, we will be most accommodating! Satiate your hunger and watch the kilos melt away!

summer body

Spring chickens: This ‘Flattie’ is fine fare!

For flatter tummies try a chicken flattie at Butcher Block. It’s char-grilled & basted with either lemon & herb, peri-peri or chimichurri sauce. Order it with lemon and herb for a lean, high protein meal. Add veg or salad on the side and keep your figure looking trim. Fill up on something delicious that nourishes each cell in our body. Bring me that bikini, I’ll have it with some summer rays!

summer body


With love, from the ocean: Our Patagonian calamari tubes are lightly grilled in cajun spice, a tasty option if you want guilt-free indulgence. Add a side salad, a baked potato or veg and let the gifts of the ocean bust your hunger without adding to your waistline. Want to wine and dine out on a diet? Tuck into this fine fare.

For the love of sugar: Apple tart

We’re not saying you should eat apple tart and expect to shed the kilos, but we are saying that apple tart is the better dessert to have if you want to finish your meal on a sweet note with minimal repercussions. Apples are high in fibre and fairly low in sugar, and our apple tart contains poached apples baked in a sponge cake batter served hot or cold with fresh cream or vanilla ice-cream. Request yours without the cream or ice cream to keep the collateral minimal. Light, delicious and fruity!

Getting your body into the swing of things for summer doesn’t need to be difficult or restrictive. Simply swapping deep-fried or battered foods for grilled or baked options can make a monumental difference to your waistline, without any sacrifice from you. Swap chips for salad or veg, and if you are carb conscious, ask for sweet potato mash instead of regular mash.

Remember that good health is more important than ‘skinny’, and a good, healthy, happy skinny is best achieved over a longer period. Instant weight loss is usually temporary, whereas long term sustained weight loss is permanent. Lose weight slowly by making better food choices, the type of choices you can implement into your lifestyle permanently. At Butcher Block, we support healthier choices and will do our best to accommodate your food preferences! Pop in for a steak or a snack, visit our website and view our menu here: http://www.butcherblock.co.za/butcher-block-national-food-menu/